The first greenhouse built by the founder of the Nursery with two members of staff


The life of a plant begins with our experienced staff here making cuttings


Year 3 in the life of the plants, almost ready to go outside and finish


Point of sale boards


Plant labels

Attractive bespoke POS adds the finishing touch.

Rhododendron Yakushimanum 3 Litre

This trimming machine gives our plants a very uniform shape to grow on


Evergreen Azalea 2 Litre

Welcome to Morley Nurseries Ltd.

The nursery site was purchased as a 5 acre smallholding in 1952 and a company was formed to contract grow herbaceous plants for mail order business and Woolworths. This was how plants were sold to the public in those days. The founder Nico Ellerbrook came to the UK in 1948 from Boskoop in Holland and had a family history deeply involved in growing premium quality ornamental plants for export and this knowledge was put to good use in the new business.
Eventually the nursery began to specialise in ericaceous plants and due to the high quality of the plants offered the business expanded rapidly. As Garden Centres began to become a popular destination to purchase plants the company changed its production methods into offering plants in container pots to increase the selling season.
Many of those early customers are still with us and we value very much our long term trading partners. Our aim is to support customers old and new with high quality POS material, with the best and latest varieties grown to a very high standard.
All this is backed up by highly skilled dedicated workforce many of whom are long serving and are fully aware of our customer needs and our aim to be the Best of British.


We offer premium quality home grown plants.


  • Customer Care
    In addition to offering the finest quality ericaceous plants we aim to provide service to match.
  • Range and Promotions
    We aim to produce hardy well budded plants in the very best varieties with a good shelf life.
    This allows you to feel confident that you can carry a range through the season or focus on impulse sales with our range of seasonal products.
  • Eye catching Point of Sale
    Each category has a colour co-ordinated plant label, bed card and point of sale board to give your ericaceous section a real eye catching display.
    Make a colourful statement in your ericaceous area through the season helping to maintain sales throughout the year.
    Buy from us and the POS is free of charge for minimum orders.
  • Bar Coding
    Our bar coding and pre-pricing service is offered free of charge. We now offer a colour logo on our barcode printed stickers.
  • Service
    We offer same week delivery for orders placed by 12.00 noon Monday (to most areas of the UK). Minimum delivery 2 Danish trolleys.
  • Ordering
    Reserve your requirements for call off through the season. Receive regular reserve updates advising when stock is looking at its best. Alternatively place one off orders for prearranged delivery dates through the Autumn and Spring.


Solar panels being installed August 2022 to help reduce our carbon footprint


After a successful Spring season all suitable saleable stock has left the nursery and delivered to our retail customers. We are now busy potting and preparing our catalogue for new 2022/2023 season. 

Plant Passport

4 Dec 2019 11:50

Our plant passports fully comply with the new set of guidelines. All of our plants will have an up to date plant passport that meets all of the requirements by the 14th of December 2019. Information for plant passports will also remain on delivery notes and invoices as well.

If you require further information please email     –